Galilee’s Vision and Mission

Our prayer is that all who attend Galilee Bible Camp will be encouraged, refreshed and blessed. We want to give each camper, whether they’re 6 or 60 years old, a chance to enjoy the beauty of God’s creation, to enjoy times with friends, and to have a time to learn more about how God wants to be involved in their lives.

We operate year round. During the summer, we run 9 weeks of camps, and in the off season, we not only run camp sponsored retreats, but we also host church retreats. Rental fees and program fees generally cover our programming (program expenses, food, heat and hydro, & ministry). The remaining operating and capital expenditures are funded by donations.

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If you would like to give on a one – time basis, you can click the button below. All funds donated to camp are used towards our operating expenses, and then for projects, as the Lord provides.

If you would prefer to call and donate, please call 613-432-5774.

You can also mail in a cheque to:

Galilee Bible Camp – 203 Camp Galilee Lane, Haley Station, ON K0J 1Y0

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Legacy Ministries and Believers Stewardship Services

As a camp, we are happy to be working with Believers Stewardship Services, Inc. (BSS), and Legacy Ministries Canada (LMC) to give our donors some additional options in supporting this ministry. Both BSS and LMC operate to assist believers in achieving sound Biblical stewardship, and to allow them to better support the Lord’s work. We have outlined below some options available to our donors through these ministries. For donors from the United States, the services of BSS can be utilized, donors from Canada can use LMC.

Donor Advised Funds

Galilee has established a Donor Advised Fund (DAF) at both ministries, and funds can be donated directly to these accounts. When funds are required for projects at the camp, they are released to meet the expenses.


You can include Galilee as a beneficiary of the proceeds of your estate. Both BSS and LMC provide a full range of estate planning services and can assist believers with setting up a bequest. Whether or not you give to Galilee, you are exercising good stewardship by establishing your last wishes for what God has entrusted to you.

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At Galilee Bible Camp, we recognize that we are stewards of the funds that the Lord has provided, and do everything we can to ensure that we are being good stewards. Through preventative maintenance to buildings, equipment and other resources, to building new resources, we keep in mind our vision and mission to see others come to know Jesus as their Saviour, and for believers to be drawn closer to the Lord in their walk with Him. No projects are started unless all of the funds are available to complete it. Here are some projects that we have recently completed, are currently in process, or anticipate completing, as the Lord provides:

2019 Projects


Walk-in Fridge / Freezer

The current walk in fridge freezer needs to be repaired. The insulation that was initially installed is no longer functioning as designed, causing the compressors to work hard, and causing some wood to rot. Estimated cost to fix – $8,000-$12,000

New On-Demand Hot Water Tank

Hot Water Tank

The current hot water tank in the kitchen has been repaired numerous times over the past couple of years, and is at the point where it needs to be replaced. The estimated cost to replace is $5,000

UPDATE: In June 2019, a new on-demand hot water tank was installed.

New Playground - July 2019

New Playground

In 2019, we constructed a new playground. The playground that was here was built in the early 80’s and had served its time. It was torn out in September 2018, and construction on the new playground was mostly completed in time for the 2019 camp season. Over the coming years, we hope to add some more features and a roof to the main structure.


Lodge Exterior / Interior

New siding was installed on the lodge in 2012. As per the manufacturer’s guidelines, they recommend repainting every 7 years. The estimated cost to repaint is $3,000. We hope to complete in the next year or two.

Much of the common areas of the lodge need to be repainted, including the chapel, lounge area, and main washrooms. Several of the upstairs rooms need to painted and retrofitted with newer heaters as well. We hope to complete this over the winter months prior to the 2020 camp season. We are also in the process of retrofitting all of our bunk beds with easier to use / access ladders.

Ice Maker

In 2019, a new ice maker was donated and installed. It has been a real blessing in the kitchen!

Upcoming Projects

These are projects that we would like to take on over the next 3-5 years, as the Lord provides. We do not commence on any project, until all of the funds have been provided.



The current dock system has been in place for almost 50 years. It is very susceptible to the ice thawing and freezing, water levels fluctuating (beavers), and as a result, has taken quite a beating. In 2017, we had to remove the diving boards, as the concrete structure was starting to crack. The retaining wall at the waterfront is leaning, and several of the storage units (cabana, life jackets, canoe storage) are deteriorating. A new dock system needs to be engineered and built, along with the storage units. The estimated cost to replace – $50,000

In the spring of 2020, we are hoping to rebuild several of the storage units, including the life jackets and boat storage area, as time and funds permit.


Cabin B Renovated

Cabin B Renovated


Most of the cabins that our campers sleep in were built in the 1960’s. While the structures are relatively sound, the electrical, insulation, siding, windows and doors need to be replaced. Estimated cost to upgrade 13 cabins – $100,00

In July 2019, Cabin B was renovated as a prototype for the cabins. It is much more energy efficient. The cost to upgrade the cabins is approximately $8,000/each. Our desire is to renovate one of the large cabins and one of the smaller staff cabins (two/year) over the next 6 -7 years.

In the spring of 2020, we are planning to renovate Cabins 1 & 2, in time for the summer camp season.


Electrical Upgrades

Currently, the pole that services camp is reaching the end of its life. The cost to replace the pole is approximately $3,000. (In June 2019, we replaced the hydro pole at the dining hall for about $2,500). Whether beavers taking down trees, or stormy weather, power outages are a common thing at camp. We currently have the ability with a few smaller generators to support the dining hall, and either the fridges or freezers on back up.

The rest of camp, including the lodge and the office do not have access to power if there is a power failure. We would like to install a automatic generator that would take care of the dining hall and kitchen, and the other smaller generators would be used to service the lodge, and potentially other parts of camp. The estimated cost to purchase and install – $25,000


Gymnasium (Heater and Lighting)

The gym is gets used a lot in the late spring to early fall. With it not being heated, it limits the amount of use during retreat seasons, in particular when the weather isn’t cold enough for the ice rink and snow hill, and in the spring, when the grounds are in the thawing process. A 400,000 BTU propane heater would be installed, along with fans to push the heat down. The estimated cost to have heat in the gym – $9,000.

The siding on the gymnasium is several decades old and needs to be replaced. The cost to replace the side on the gym is going to be well over $20,000.

Several LED lights were donated to camp to enable the gym to be more energy efficient. These were installed in November 2019.


Hockey Arena

Many hours of fun occur on the hockey rink each winter. The current process takes a fair amount of snow to pack down, and then numerous floods to get the hockey rink ready for hockey. Snowfalls and inclement weather can impact the quality of ice, not to mention the amount of labour involved. The new hockey rink would have a concrete pad with drainage, that could be flooded with 3-4 inches of water for ice, and be covered (likely with a steel roof and open sides), to minimize the impact of the weather (snow and sun). In the summer, basketball poles / nets could be put in place, providing a shaded area for our summer campers to play baskeball. The estimated cost to build the new hockey arena – $175,000.

Until this can be completed, three of the poles need to be replaced, with new lights being installed on all of the poles for the area. Update: Three new poles and new LED lights were installed in November 2019.

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