Separate, simultaneous programs are provided for Junior (ages 9-11) and Senior (ages 12-15) campers, to allow us to provide a program that is more specifically suited to the needs of these age groups. Each program has its own Program Director and set of counselors.


Dates (2019)

Girls Camp: July 14th – July 20th
Boys Camp: July 28th – August 3rd

Please note: Jr. Girls Camp, Sr. Girls Camp, and Sr. Boys Camp are currently full and have waiting lists for the 2019 camp season. You can still register for the camp(s), but you will be placed on a waiting list. 


Junior Program: 9-11
Senior Program: 12-15

2019 Costs

$311.00 (1st child)
$286.00 (2nd child)
$266.00 (3rd child)
$246.00 (4th child and over)

*Family Rates are for Boys and Girls Camps only, and only apply for immediate family members.


Registration begins at 3pm.
These sessions will both conclude with a closing program with a planned start time of 6pm. Family & friends are encouraged to attend.

Junior Girls 2019

Boys 2019

Senior Girls 2019

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